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sapateiro Boutique Winery

From shoes to wine

What was once a hobby is now a way of living.

We pride ourselves on making unique wines in limited quantities, from grapes grown in a sustainable way. 

Vinho Verde Terroir

the wine estate

Tabuado, Marco de Canaveses

Located in the southeast area of the Minho region, where the Vinho Verde has its roots, we produce our wines.  Our vineyard has less than 5 hectares but a total of 10 grapes varietals, with which we love to make experiments.

autochthonous grapes

the wines

sapateiro Colheita Selecionada

white wine

Classic style, faithful to the region’s profile in terms of lightness and freshness, but in a modern wine perspective. Pronounced in the aroma and crispy in the mouth.

Sapateiro Alvarinho & Avesso

White wine

Serious in the mouth, with a soft texture.
Flavours of tropical fruits.
Fresh and mineral wine, with a long finish.

Sapateiro Rosé

pink wine

Fruity rosé but not overly aromatic. Intense in color, but smooth and refreshing. Easy to drink and offers gastronomic aptitude.

sapateiro loureiro

white wine

Fermentation without the addition of sulphites. Low-alcohol wine that shows intensity and a substantial-finish in the mouth. Great balance between fruit and acidity.

Sapateiro Reserva Branco 2017

White wine

Blend of Alvarinho and Avesso, aged 18 months in new French Oak. Dry, rich and buttery with subtle notes of caramel and vanilla. No carbonation.

Sapateiro Reserva Tinto 2017

red wine

Vinhão aged 24 months in new French oak barrel. Medium-body wine with high tannins: oaky, earthy with lots of spices. As it starts to open you feel more of the dark fruits and dark chocolate. No CO2.


At our vineyards we use the Integrated Production method which combines respect for the environment with profitable and durable business practices. We are also committed to not use any plastic in our bottles and cases (where we ship and sell the wine). At the moment we are also working on printing our labels in paper from sustainable forests. 

We believe we will all benefit from these practices and we thank you for supporting us.


Cork is considered to be a renewable and sustainable material because the harvesting of cork doesn’t require the cutting down or damaging of any trees. Instead the trees grow until they are about 25 years old and then they can start to be harvested every 9 years, for the lifetime of the three – 270 years. 

At Sapateiro, all our wines have cork stoppers, with a special and different message in them.

Wines for a Pic Nic

What it means to be
Boutique at Sapateiro

Boutique to us means to be committed in producing high quality wine and provide a personalized experience, while giving it a sense of uniqueness.

It all starts with the handpicked grapes that end up producing a variety of small batches of wine bottled beautifully, with attention to details like enumerated bottles and corks with messages on them. 


The wines were the best we’ve had in Portugal.

– Colby Hall


Out of all the vineyards we have visited in Italy, Spain and Portugal, this winery was the very best. The tour, the quality of wine, the presentation and food were beyond outstanding.

– Anna Lapidus


Sapateiro is doing some really interesting stuff with their wines.

– Andrew McNaught