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We are a family from the North of Portugal (Marco de Canaveses) who is dedicated to produce boutique wines and other high-quality products related with agriculture. On top of that, it gives us tremendous pleasure to provide awesome experiences to people.

On the photo below, you can see our Wine Estate, where we produce the wines you can purchase on this website.


Founder & Owner

Tiago Soares

To the person who values high-quality products with beautiful design. To the person who enjoys great experiences and values authenticity. To the person who searches for sustainable and local products.

To those who value this, and much more, we create the Sapateiro wines.

Silvi Teixeira

Executive Assistant

António Soares




Vinho Verde DOC

We are located in the Southeast part of the Vinho Verde wine region, an area also known as Douro Verde (Green Douro). 

Because of its geolocation, the wines we produce in our Wine Estate can be slightly heavier and richer, but they still keep the seductive aromas and refreshing character that we are used to in Vinho Verde.

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Quick Facts about us

  • We are committed to not use plastic and to use reciclable materials.
  • Our grapes are handpicked.
  • We grow our grapes with a system called Integrated Production Method – a sustainable model.
  • We have been making wine since our childhood but only in 2008, gradually, this became a business to us.
  • Before starting this “hobby”, we were in the shoe industry; that’s where our name “Sapateiro” meaning Shoemaker, comes from.
  • We love dogs, and yours are welcome to come with you on your visit to Sapateiro.

Below, find some videos we made, where you can learn more about Vinho Verde, our wines and our Wine Estate.

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